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Here are just a few of the great services that we offer to our customers. If you need a service that isn't listed, use the Schedule Online Button below to see a full list of all of the services that we have to offer!

lawn maintenance

When it comes to {taking care of|creating|maintaining} a {georgous|beautiful|stunning} {yard|lawn}, {not only does it take time|it can take time|it takes time}, but it also requires the {best|correct|right} {equipment and tools|tools and equipment}.  Wow Lawn Service is {ready|prepared} to {take on|handle} the most complex lawn care needs. Your {front yard|lawn} is the first thing that {neigbors|you|your guests|people} {will notice|see|will see} when they {arrive at|pull up to} your {house|home}, so you {should|need to} {find|hire} a {lawn care company|lawn care service provider|company|partner} that you can trust.

landscape design

The {best|right|perfect} {landscaping|landscape design} {can make|will make|can provide|will provide} a huge difference when you {are wanting|want|desire} to set your {lawn|yard|home} apart from {your neighbors|others in the neighborhood|other homes in the area}.  {Great landscaping|Great landscape design} {improves|can greatly improve} your curb appeal and when done {correctly|by our team of professionals|right}, {will|can} really make you say {WOW|Wow}! {When you are ready|If you are looking|When you are looking} to take {your home’s|your} curb appeal to {a new level|the next level} or you {want us to create|want to create} your own personal outdoor oasis, {call now!|contact us today!|give us a call today!}

irrigation services
{If you are|When you are|Whether you are} looking to install an irrigation system, {want to|need to|have to} improve your current irrigation {set-up|system}, or you {are needing|need} any irrigation repair work done on any {part|parts|aspect}s of your current irrigation system, {give us a call|we can help}! With these {hot|dry} {[location] Texas|[location] TX|[location]} summers, you {need to|must|have to} {ensure|make sure} that your {yard|lawn} is getting the water it {needs to survive|needs}. Schedule your irrigation {meeting|consultation} today!
tree and hedge trimming

{If you are|When you are|Whether you are} {in need of|wanting|needing|searching for|looking for} a one-time tree trimming or hedge trim or you are looking for an {ongoing seasonal service|annual service plan|an ongoing solution}, Wow Lawn Service {is at your service| is ready to help|can help}! We provide full-service tree trimming, hedge thinning and renewing, hedge shaping, and hedge or shrub removal and disposal.  {Call today|Contact us today|Give us a call} to learn more about {how we can help|what service is best for|how we can improve} your current situation.

spring and fall cleanup

Lawn Debris Removal or Spring and Fall lawn clean-up {usually includes|will include|does include} {leaf raking|leaf} and debris removal, {and|but} we also {offer|provide} the following services as well:

  • Overgrown yard cleanup
  • Yard waste removal
  • Yard debris removal
  • Leaf removal
  • Mulching
  • Green waste disposal
special projects

We {also|can also} {put together|create|work on} any special request projects {that you can imagine|that you may have in mind|that you can dream up} including any hardscape or lighting packages for your home. {When|If} you are building a new {house|home}, or if you are {in need of|needing|wanting} a complete full-service project design, our landscaping {pros|professionals} {are ready to|can|will} help. We have {3|5|6|7|multiple} licensed irrigation technicians with over {5|10|15} years of landscape and irrigation design that {are able to|can help you|are ready to} {design|create} any outdoor creation you could {dream up|imagine}. {Call now|Contact us today|Give us a call today} to get started!

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