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Let Us Create An Outdoor Oasis That Will Make You Say "WOW"

All About Wow Lawn Service Bedford

When you want the best yard in Bedford, Texas, give the Lawn Professionals at Wow Lawn Service a call! You deserve a yard that you’re proud to own and feel good about when you pull into the driveway after a long day. Perhaps you‘ve worked with a professional and haven’t gotten the results you anticipated. Or, perhaps you‘ve been dealing with yard care yourself. Either way, achieving the results you want is taking more time than you desire to spend.

You’re making a big choice that will not only enhance the appearance and health of your yard, however also free up more of your time so you can focus on other top priorities. You may seem like you can’t control how your yard looks today, however you can control who you partner with to get the results you desire. Let Wow Lawn Service help you create the Outdoor Oasis that will make you and your  neighbors say WOW!

Bedford Lawn Services

lawn maintenance

When it comes to creating a stunning yard, not only does it take time, but it also requires the best tools and equipment.  Wow Lawn Service is prepared to take on the most complex lawn care needs. Your lawn is the first thing that people will notice when they pull up to your house, so you need to hire a company that you can trust.

landscape design

The perfect landscaping can provide a huge difference when you are wanting to set your home apart from other homes in the area.  Great landscape design improves your curb appeal and when done by our team of professionals, can really make you say WOW! When you are ready to take your curb appeal to a new level or you want to create your own personal outdoor oasis, contact us today!

irrigation services
If you are looking to install an irrigation system, want to improve your current irrigation set-up, or you need any irrigation repair work done on any aspects of your current irrigation system, give us a call! With these hot Bedford summers, you must make sure that your yard is getting the water it needs. Schedule your irrigation consultation today!
tree and hedge trimming

If you are needing a one-time tree trimming or hedge trim or you are looking for an annual service plan, Wow Lawn Service is ready to help! We provide full-service tree trimming, hedge thinning and renewing, hedge shaping, and hedge or shrub removal and disposal.  Call today to learn more about how we can improve your current situation.

spring and fall cleanup

Lawn Debris Removal or Spring and Fall lawn clean-up will include leaf and debris removal, but we also offer the following services as well:

  • Overgrown yard cleanup
  • Yard waste removal
  • Yard debris removal
  • Leaf removal
  • Mulching
  • Green waste disposal
special projects

We also work on any special request projects that you can imagine including any hardscape or lighting packages for your home. When you are building a new house, or if you are wanting a complete full-service project design, our landscaping professionals are ready to help. We have multiple licensed irrigation technicians with over 5 years of landscape and irrigation design that are ready to create any outdoor creation you could imagine. Call now to get started!

Why Choose Us?

Over 20 Years of Lawn Service and Landscape Design Experience

Our Team of Lawn Professionals are Available and Capable of Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

Our Employees are Texas Certified, Bonded, and Insured

It is our Goal to ALWAYS Provide our Customers with Results that WOW

tree trimming dallas

How do you maintain a healthy lawn in Bedford, Texas?

  1. Adjust the height that you are mowing your lawn according to the time of the year.  For most Texas lawns, it is best to cut with a one inch cutting height as that will allow more light to reach the crowns of plants by removing dead grass and allowing growth to get started earlier in the season. Once summer hits, make sure to raise that blade up to 2 inches or even higher depending on how much time you have left in your growing season before winter begins again. 
  2. Make sure that the blade on your mower is not dull – you want a sharp blade!  A well-maintained, sharp and balanced blade cuts grass cleanly and evenly. A dull one tears the grass instead of cutting it cleanly. Damaged grass turns yellow, requires more water and nutrients to recover, and is more susceptible to disease. An unbalanced blade compounds the problem even further by damaging your lawn mower’s bearings in the process. Sharpening and balancing a blade three times per year will make for a solid cut that makes you feel like royalty on your throne!
  3. Water your lawn heavily 2-3 times a week as opposed to light watering more often.  Light sprinklings moisten only the surface of the soil, encouraging shallow root growth and increasing the need for more frequent watering. Lawns generally require 1 to 2 in. of water per week from you or Mother Nature, applied at three-or four-day intervals. But this varies drastically depending on the temperature, type of grass and soil conditions.
  4. Aerating your lawn will help it breathe much easier and grow much better.  The grass roots that grow in the ground need oxygen as well as water and nutrients. Aerating removes small plugs of dirt from the soil, which improves air-to-soil interaction and allows easier penetration of water and fertilizer to go deeper into the ground. It also provides an open space for roots to grow by reducing soil compaction, while it removes some thatch (dead leaves with a high organic content).

How often should you mow your Bedford lawn?

Lawns are not easy to maintain. To keep them looking neat and tidy, they need to be mowed regularly. During the summer, on average for a conventional lawn, you need to mow twice weekly, dropping to once a week or longer during periods of drought. Flower-rich lawns can be mown every four to six weeks while long grassed lawns should only be cut once or twice in the summer usually not before June.

How can you make your Bedford grass greener and thicker?

Thicker, lusher, healthier and more beautiful lawns are within your reach. If you aspire to these qualities for your lawn, then success may be closer than it seems. It’s easy to transform a thin or lackluster grass into a thicker and healthier one with just three steps—or even one simple three-in-one boost that will help nurture the health of your lawn. Add three best practices to keep the thickness coming and goodbye thin grass hello thick!

Before starting, it is always a good idea to do a soil test.  There are many companies out there that can do this for you.  By testing your soil, you will find out what nutrients you yard may be missing, which can help you choose the best fertilizers to use for your specific lawn.

Another thing that you should be doing annually is overseeding. If you haven’t already, now is the time to consider overseeding it with new grass and giving it the beautiful green appearance that everyone loves. This will require a little bit of maintenance from you in order to keep it up but well worth it when you see what a difference it makes in how healthy your lawn looks!

Overseeding is simply sowing seed into existing grass in order to make thin lawns thick or prevent them from getting too thin. With new grass, there are more roots filling spaces between what’s already there, which creates a thicker look and feel. The best time for warm-season southern lawns is late spring so get out and take care of this pro secret before summer starts!

The most important step in transforming any kind of turf is watering it frequently enough; many people don’t realize this when they start out but once they do they’ll never go back! You should water your grounds at least once every two days during peak summer months or when rainfall is inadequate; this can also save you money on bills if you have an automatic sprinkler system installed in your yard as well. Fertilizing regularly is another good habit that helps ensure healthy growth rates with plenty of nutrients for exploring roots throughout the soil

How much does it cost per month for Bedford lawn service?

With the average monthly cost ranging from $50 to $250, lawn maintenance is one of those expenses that can run up a hefty bill. The type of treatments your grass needs will depend on its current condition and where you fall in this price range. Generally speaking, most homeowners find themselves paying around $130 per month for their yard service; but if theirs are not green with envy yet, then they may need to invest in some mowing or aeration. Lawns play an important role in home curb appeal, so proper care is imperative to avoid patches, browning or pests and diseases.

The annual expenditure on lawn care varies greatly depending on the type of treatments required by your grass—ranging anywhere from mowing ($50-per month) and aeration (over $200-per month)—and whether you want our services at all! With a wide variance in how much homeowners pay each year—from as little as $100 to as much as over $1000 per month.

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