Lawn Maintenance Tips

Lawn Maintenance Tips

What you need to know to get your lawn looking its best!

Lawn Maintenance Tips

So, you have owned your home or business for multiple years and maybe you just realized you have a lawn out there to attend to. It is never too late to begin caring for you yard, but special attention needs to be provided if you wish to be successful.

Yard care is not just about feeding nutrients, mowing, and watering on a regular basis. With no control on these aspects, you may begin to see negative effects. The following are basic tips you ought to think about when maintaining your lawn.

Mowing Your Lawn

To manage your mowing habits, you must consider the behavior of your yard. This will differ according to the temperature, season, and area. But points to think about are frequency of mowing, length of grass and the lawn mower itself.

Your lawn will grow quicker or slower at different seasons of the year, so for that reason frequency of mowing is impacted, which in turn impacts the length of grass. Most lawns are frequently cut too short or not enough. Mowing with a blunt blade is likewise very bad for the yard.

Lawn Aeration

Like us humans and most other living types, grass requires air to breathe and water to soak up. This can be attained by routinely driving a fork into the lawn, opening the soil, thus giving the lawn more breathing room.

Thatch Control

Thatch is the layer of dead and rotting matter at the base of living roots. This issue can be eased by scarifying or raking the lawn.

Lawn Watering and Irrigation

The most apparent is sufficient watering. Look out specifically in the summertime duration for prolonged dry spells where development can be impacted.

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